Harnessing the Power of Words

Would you like your marketing messages to attract customers like moths to a flame? Will your business benefit from having powerful content that is easy to understand? Is it a good result when your reader feels motivated to want your product or service? Wouldn’t it be great to have your copywriting done efficiently, reliably, on-time and within budget?

If your answers are yes; then you are in the right place. To find out how, please scroll down the page...

“Colin did a very good job of assimilating multiple inputs quickly to create a coherent document with an engaging tone of voice. He also delivered the copy on time and within budget.”

Rob Williams, MD | Telperion Group

“Colin has done an amazing job helping Moving Image Creations. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

David Khoshab, Director | MIC Ltd

“Colin readily adapted to our style of working and quickly understood the brief. He provided us with really useful ideas and content, reflecting our needs and proving that two heads are better than one”

Caroline Billington, MD | Coffee Connections


Writing Content

Writing Content that Works for You

We all have different skills, talents and weaknesses. I for one can’t look at a spreadsheet without my eyes glazing over. Fortunately I’ve been gifted with an ability to craft words in a way that people find interesting and entertaining; a skill that I continuously develop so that I can deliver ever-increasing value to my clients. I’ll help you to develop a close relationship with your reader. Having distilled the essence of your business, I’ll write messages for you that are powerful and compelling. Your reader will be motivated to respond to your proposals, enabling you to meet your business targets.

Increasing Your Efficiency

Increasing Your Efficiency and Effectiveness

It’s said that “an ounce of anticipation is worth a pound of verbosity”. My knowledge helps me to operate nimbly and “cut to the chase”, helping you to meet deadlines on-time and within budget. I fully appreciate that cost is as important a part of the equation for you as benefits when striving to achieve your goals. Being agile and adaptable means I can fit in with your processes, adding to your efficiency. Natural ability, training and experience enable me to turn complex industry language into clear, compelling English, quickly and accurately. I help you to travel light and hit hard.

Adding Extra Value

Adding Extra Value to Your Creative Process

Creativity doesn’t come naturally to everybody. You may be the most brilliant person in the world in your chosen field but that doesn’t automatically lead to a clear conversation with your reader. I’ll help you to find your voice and create a style and tone that presents you to your reader in an attractive and distinctive way. I’ll create messages for you that will be easily-understood, informative and persuasive. The vocabulary that I use is precise; accurately demonstrating to your reader why they should respond as you would like them to. I do all this in a friendly, dependable way; happy to help reduce your stress levels!

>Tenders and Proposals

Tenders and Proposals

Are you competing for business and looking for a competitive edge? You may think your offer is the best but it won’t be chosen unless it stands out from the rest. People buy from people. Feelings play an important part in our decision making process. I write bids that are technically accurate, easy to read and connect with the purchaser at a human level. Style and tone are critical for success. Making sure that your buyer understands your personal qualities and values, as well as your industry competence, will get you ahead of the field.

Editorial and PR

Editorial and PR

Do you want the world to know about you and why they should buy from you? Of course you do. Appearing in the best publications is still a very powerful way to promote your messages and attract new business. I can help you with the process of finding the most suitable publications and support you in working effectively with them. Writing your story with an easy, entertaining flow will allow your reader to better understand you and the benefits that you deliver, almost by osmosis.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Is your social media really working properly for you? I’m happy to work for Agencies or directly for Clients in the regular production of all online marketing material from web-site content to newsletters and everything in between. In the busy world of social media, shouting louder won’t get your voice heard. Speaking more attractively will. It’s all about understanding who your reader is and what kind of material and approach will bring them to you. Capable of using a wide-range of styles, I can draw-in and hold your reader so that you can build and maintain your relationship with them.

Business Correspondence

Business Correspondence

Is it a good use of your time to write all the correspondence in your business yourself? The world of letters, emails and presentations is an important part of your marketing strategy. Any correspondence with customers is an opportunity to develop business and by not doing so it becomes an opportunity missed. Even invoices, when approached intelligently, can become a regular contributor to your sales and marketing activities.

I can reduce your workload by undertaking correspondence that is distracting you from your day job. By thinking creatively and effectively I can also generate added value from all kinds of communications that you wouldn’t think possible.

It’s all about achieving your goals.

Telling stories is the oldest, tried, trusted and effective technique for getting your messages across. It’s critical that you grab the attention of your reader, entertain them and interest them. You now need to inspire your reader to respond in a way that supports your goals.

My approach brings a sharp focus towards helping Agencies and Clients meet their business objectives.

About Colin

Message content and style can make the difference between success and failure in your business. That's why good copywriting is so important.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire I provide copywriting services throughout the UK and internationally, working online. When it’s essential to the success of your projects, I’m happy to meet you for discussions and planning.

My skills include writing business-winning bids, tenders and proposals and I have achieved considerable success for my clients creating online and traditional editorial material; appearing in international magazines and on broadcast media.

Friendly, approachable and collaborative I am pleased to add considerable value to your business; bringing a strong focus towards helping you achieve your goals.


Having graduated in Life Sciences I served as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Marines before joining the commercial world. I have been creating compelling prose to achieve success all my working life. Shaped by a wealth of diverse experiences I am pleased to use my knowledge, wisdom and skills for your benefit. My understanding of complex subjects has developed from operating in a wide range of sectors including; Science and Technology, Healthcare, Defence and Security, International Trade, Charity, Agriculture, Equine Industries and the Creative Arts, to name but a few.

I have yet to encounter a subject that I can’t understand well enough to create a clear, compelling, business-winning message!


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